Ships Monthly Again

9th March 2006, 09:36
I have just purchased a lot of ships monthly mags from a boot sale(no it wasnt the wife that sold them)dated 1981 thro to 1991 if anyone is intrested mebey they have a copy missin or somethin your welcome to have them F>O>C give me a PM

11th March 2006, 18:33
would you have the following,
JULY 1990
December 1991
June 1992
I would be willing to pay for them, plus the post.

all the best Phill

11th March 2006, 18:42
you wouldn't happen to have the two copies of the bristol channel dredgers,sorry could not remember the year or the month,sure they were in the early 80's.would pay for them and cost of post and package

30th April 2006, 11:41
Instead of creating a new thread, I wish to complement this existing one with my selfish research for Ships Monthly back issues.

I may be coming to UK in june / july and I am looking forward to get any unwanted ships monthly issue. Although FOC is easy to say, I propose to pay a small fee for those. any year/ issue considered

I have the same research for the SHIPPING today and yesterday magazine.

Coming from France, I will be able to collect in the London area, but would stretch to the south coast or Bristol if necessary. regretfully, may not be able to go to northen England / scotland /wales

Thanking you for your support

5th September 2006, 05:52
I'm trying to reduce the dunnage in the closet. Free to a good home, just pay for the shipping. Otherwise they're bound for the knackers.

Shipping Today & Yesterday:
No.85 March 97; No.86 Apr 97; No.87 May 97; No.96 Feb 98; No.99 May 98; No.100 June 98; No.103 Sept 98; No.104 Oct 98; No.105 Nov 98; No.106 Dec 98; No.109 March 99; No.110 April 99; No.111 May 99; No.113 July 99 ; No.114 Aug 99; No.126 Aug 2000; No.131 Jan 01

Sea Breezes:
Vol.71 No.614 Feb 97
Vol.72 No.625 Jan 98; No.626 Feb 98; No.628 April 98; No.630;
No.635 Nov 98;
Vol.73 No.640 April 99; No.641 May 99; No.642 Jun 99
Vol.75 No.662

Ships Monthly:
Vol.32 April 97
Vol.33 April 98; June 98; July 98; Oct 98; Nov 98; Dec 98;
Vol.34 Jan 99; May 99; June 99; July 99; Aug 99