MV Marianne Norcoaster 1000 ton

Chris Rogers
10th March 2006, 10:43
Hi I wonder if any one has any info of the Marianne Norcoaster in August 1986 whilst I was a crew of the Mumbles Lifeboat we went to aid in a 60mph gale in the Bristol channel she was bound for Sharpness she suffered engine trouble and we managed to assist her into Swansea wher she awaited new parts for her engine,Thanks Chris Rogers (new member).

10th March 2006, 11:36
Ahoy Chris,

Wasn't she called Marianne Norcoast? If so, then she is still around;

IMO number:7110490
Name of ship:TOLIARA
Former Name[s]:Toli-I...Magica...Anne Norco...Sammy Jo...
Marianne Norcoast...Marianne Dancoast
Gross tonnage:869
Type of ship:General Cargo Ship
Year of build:1971
Status of ship:In Service
Registered owner:HINCKLEY SHIPPING
Address:Panama PANAMA
Address:Panama PANAMA
Last update:12-08-2002

Note: I do have her as Marianne Dancoast

10th March 2006, 11:44

What a difference two letters make. I searched for Marianne Norcoaster and found nothing!

Is this the Marianne Dancoast photograph you have? (Thumb)

10th March 2006, 11:52
Ahoy Ray & Chris,

I couldn't find a Marianne Norcoaster neither, and yes I had that piccie as well this one.(*))

10th March 2006, 11:55

Cheers. As usual, we can rely on you to produce the results! (Applause)


10th March 2006, 12:49
It Was The Marianne Dancoast,ruud I Remember Her Well And A Regular Runner In The Bristol Channel At The Time.

10th March 2006, 14:58
Hope this helps - there is a photo of her as the " Toliara" in my gallery . I cannot work out how to give you the exact webpage for it , so you will just have to trawl through my photos , sorry.
She has been laid up at Las Palmas for a few years now and is in a state fit for scrap only.
About 3 years ago I spoke to the new owners who , at that time , were Russian. Little progress was made in getting her seaworthy / shipshape before the money ran out and she was abandoned.
Not before they had painted " Island Shipping Company" on the funnel though !
I was looking at her last night - she is laid up against a terrible rustbucket , the " Ramaz" , and the ranging movement of the Toliara has badly damaged her bridegwing and deck.

Let me know if you want more photos or detail.
Best wishes,

Chris Rogers
10th March 2006, 16:18
RUUD, Yes it was the Marriane Norcoast not Norcoaster many thanks have comfirmed this with RNLI records in Poole. Thanks Chris (Applause)

31st May 2006, 05:52
Ahoy Chris,

Here the Marianne Norcoast,piccie by courtesy of David Gallichan, so all credits to him.