Port Huon

11th March 2006, 00:11
Hello to all,
I am looking for any one that sailed on the Port Huon in 1965 and 1966
dont know where to find a crew list I studdied the boat etc and a friend of mine found this site I looking for a crew list in 1965 1966 and 1967

11th March 2006, 05:57
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11th March 2006, 06:18
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11th March 2006, 07:06
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11th March 2006, 14:56
WElcome pat from a cold south of England enjoy the site and all it has to offer.

20th January 2008, 19:23
I hope this is not irelevant to you but I have in my possession a ship in a whisky bottle called the port huon, I have checked with various photos and it is the newer Port Huon which was later re-registered when sold,I can only assume it was made by a crew member who may have sailed with you

Terry Willcox
20th January 2008, 19:47
Hi Pat. Port Line have there own website at VINTAGE PORT, but you have to have Yahoo to belong to it. Take cae............Terry Willcox. P.S. if you want the web address, drop me a email.