12th March 2006, 13:23
Has anyone got any infromation on the SS Medina Victory 1946.

12th March 2006, 13:37
Has anyone got any infromation on the SS Medina Victory 1946.


The vessel was purchased in 1947 by the Donaldson Line from Ministry of Transport. She was renamed Laurentia then scrapped in Spain possibly Valencia in 1967.
Theres a website with all Victory boats on called ships
Hope this helps

Bruce Carson
12th March 2006, 13:50
Well known on the Clyde.
VC2-S-AP2 (7,612GT)
Built in 1945 for the War Shipping Administration by Permanente Metals Corp. Yard #1, Richmond, California and became a Ministry of Transport trooper under the Management of the Donaldson Line (Donaldson Brothers & Black Ltd, managers), Glasgow.
Donadson bought the ship in 1947 and rebuilt her as the cargo passenger liner 'Laurentia'.
8,349GT, 455' x 62', single screw, DRG turbines, 15 knots service speed, 55 first class passengers.
Summer route, Glasgow to Montreal, intermittent winter passenger service, Glasgow to St. John NB and Halifax, NS.
Sister ship Taos Victory/Lismoria.
She went to Spanish breakers in 1967.

12th March 2006, 13:53

Some info on her plus photograph on

12th March 2006, 14:02
Medina Victory
History:WSA Transport.
1946 MOT troopship (Donaldson, Bros.& Black Ltd) - British flag.
1947 LAURENTIA, Donaldson Atlantic Line, Glasgow.
1967 Scrapped Valencia