SS British Councillor (1942)

Chris Rogers
14th March 2006, 09:27
After the amazing result I had regarding SS Geo. H Jones I have one more my dad sailed as ch/cook on the SS. British Councillor which sailed from North Shields on 22/1/40 and was sunk at sea on 2/2/40 any info would be greatly appreciated as you regulars will now realise i am trying to piece together as much as i can on his seagoing years 1935/53,thanks Chris Rogers (Thumb)

14th March 2006, 09:58
Chris - a little info can be had on the following sites, hope it is of some value;-,nr=6


14th March 2006, 10:09
I have a photo of her sister, the British Chancellor, which was built at the same yard & was exactly the same size & I have attached this below. The Councillor was completed by Sir James Laing, Sunderland, in May 1922. I have 2 different reports as to her ending! According to Norman Middlemiss (The British Tankers) she was torpedoed by an E-Boat 20 miles NE of Spurn Head on February 2nd 1940 & sank the following day.
However, according to Harvey & Solly (BP Tankers: A Group Fleet History) she was in a convoy which left the Tyne for Abadan (Convoy FS84) when she exploded a mine off the Humber Estuary. She sank on February 3rd 1940. Harvey & Solly do concede that other reports include the possibility of her being torpedoed.
Photo from Norman Middlemiss - The British Tankers.
John F

14th March 2006, 20:41
About two years ago I was in touch with a Mr Anthony Cox the 1st Radio Officer a survivor from the tanker British Councillor when sunk. He states "We hit two mines after leaving South Shields at 4.20 pm on February 2nd 1940. Survivors were picked up by the destroyer H.M.S Whitby".

14th March 2006, 21:13
Knew that you would know all about it! Should have asked you in the first place!
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