Hi, I`m Roger Turner

Roger Turner
14th March 2006, 12:27
Sorry not too sure of the protocol for membership of this group, so apologies in advance for any failures. I arrived here by accident - i.e. "Just Surfing", but having seen the site, and am actually hoping to find some information, primarily on my Daughter`s behalf or at least some direction as where else to look - she is assembling my Wife`s family tree, who had a long history of association with seafaring in St Andrews Fife. Namely the Wilson Family, Morrison Wilsons, Page Wilsons, Fortune Wilsons, some were Pilots, some were Shipowners, some crewed Clipper Ships, one in Particular Captain Daniel Wilson was Mate of the Steel Barque "Stoneleigh" and I think must have sailed on her maiden voyage to Australia, including a call at Pitcairn, where he was given an Orange Stick Souvenier, by one of the mutineer`s decendants, the "Stoneleigh" was lost in the Tasman Sea on her second voyage, obviously not with him aboard, as he went on to be Captain "Dan", we also have a photograph of the "Rodney" which may mean a family member was crew at one time, Obviously the story is just starting, any directions or contributions are most welcome.

14th March 2006, 12:29
Welcome Roger to the site enjoy it and all it has to offer, plus you might get some answers to your question.

jim barnes
14th March 2006, 12:43
WElcome Rodger..be assured some information will surely be forthcoming (Hippy)

14th March 2006, 12:44
Welcome onboard and no doubt someone will pop up with info for you

fred henderson
14th March 2006, 12:48
Welcome to the site Roger. Please look around, you will see other members are also carrying out lines of research and their threads may give some ideas on the best ways to follow your enquiries. I think the best results are often obtained by making a series of individual and specific enquiries.
I also hope that you will find the site of general interest and that you will enjoy your membership.

Fred (Thumb)

non descript
14th March 2006, 13:02
A warm welcome to the site Roger, and I believe Fred has expressed himself more eloquently and fully than I would, so I will not repeat his wise words, but merely echo them and wish you Bon Voyage.

14th March 2006, 13:21

A scrap of info for you regarding Stoneleigh

Built: Greenock, Scotland in 1892

Type: Steel built 4 masted Bargue

NRT: 2101

Lost at sea in 1895

14th March 2006, 13:31
A warm welcome to the site from me too. I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy the SN experience! (Thumb)

14th March 2006, 14:55
Hi Roger,

Welcome to SN and good luck with your quest.

The journey you are starting on is likely to be a long one so be prepared for it to take years. I say this from experience having been tracing my own family for a long time.

From the geneology point of view you need a means of recording what you find. There are a number of commercial products but you will find that the free software available from the mormons is as good as any - you can easily ignore any religious overtones - I can assure you it won't get in the way. They also publish a lot of census information and you can search for births marriages and deaths on line - initially at least. There are many websites covering geneology - a couple of them worth a look for background information are http://www.1837online.com (http://www.1837online.com/) and http://www.census.pro.gov.uk (http://www.census.pro.gov.uk/). I have a full copy of the 1881 census on CD and would be prepared to look some details up if you have enough to go on and send me a personal message.

I suggest you quiz the family to get as much information about names, areas, relationships, ships, shipping lines etc. and start to ask some specific questions when you have got your basic information organised. See if you can find any family documents - birth, marriage, death, baptismal certs, family bibles, letters, postcards, annotated photos, service records ........ How much your relatives have hoarded stuff or chucked it out will decide how quickly you can get on.

Good luck - if you persist you will find it very rewarding.


Hugh MacLean
14th March 2006, 16:07
Hello Roger,

Welcome to SN. I hope you enjoy the site and please feel free to ask any questions. I can only echo Benji's advice. I have been researching for about 10 years. It's a long time but very rewarding when you come up with a result.

Best of luck!

Roger Turner
14th March 2006, 22:00
Thanks to all for warm welcome.I`m obviously ahead of the game already.

Roger Turner
14th March 2006, 22:06
Hi Brian,
Thanks for information a couple of sources you have suggested are new to me and I will ask my Daughter about 1881 Census and come back to you if she has any questions - I`ve seen the 1881 ships in port, but didn`t find much there, although I think she did mention oine boat in Crammond by Edinburgh.

tom nicholson
15th March 2006, 11:42
welcome aboard roger enjoy this great site
cheers tom (*))

15th March 2006, 18:54
Like Roger i am new here too.. and not sure how to post a notice so hopefully this works
i am doing some research on The Inishowen Head of Head Lines taht sailed between Liverpool and Canada.. Any info is greatly appreciated