Cambrian Peeress

14th March 2006, 22:05
Cambrian Peeress O.N.128023, Liverpool, Master Evan Jones, Amlwch, voyage 22 Jun 1927 to 30 April 1929. an aqaintance whose father was A.B. on board would be interested as to what happened to the vessel, as he was abandoned in Beunos Aires and ended up with an Argentinian Passport, though he eventually returned home to Wales. I belive Richard Thomas & Co. had a habit of going bankrupt!.

Hugh MacLean
14th March 2006, 22:42
Welcome to SN, Raybeti.

Cambrian Peeress was built in 1910 by Chas. Connell & Co. at Glasgow with a tonnage of 5529grt, a length of 430ft 2in, a beam of 50ft 2in and a service speed of 10 knots. She was built as the Indradeo for Thos. B. Royden's Indra Line and became the Eurybates when acquired by Holt's for the Ocean Steam Ship Co. in 1915. In December 1926 she was sold to R & J Thomas of Holyhead for 30,000 and renamed Cambrian Peeress. Two years later she was transferred to William Thomas Shipping with R & J Thomas as managers and in 1931 was sold to Wm. Thomson's Ben Line and renamed Bendoran. In June 1944 she was sold to the Ministry of War Transport and sunk at Arromanches as a blockship in the Mulberry Harbour installation there. She was raised in 1947, towed to England and broken up at Blythe by Hughes Bolckow

I share an interest in this vessel as she played a significant part in the rescue of some of the passengers and crew of the SS City of Cairo in 1942.
I have a website dedicated to City of Cairo and I have a little about her part on the site. (


15th March 2006, 20:13
Many thanks for the full history of the vessel from build to final end at aromanches