WWII HMS Spey (K246) & HMS Lowestoft (L59/U59)

16th March 2006, 10:47
Hi all

Would be grateful if somebody could provide answers for two questions:

HMS Spey - River class frigate built 1941 and sold to the Egyptian Navy in 1948 and renamed RASHID supposedly still in service in 1974/5. Does anybody know her subsequent history.

HMS Lowestoft - Grimsby class sloop built in 1934. Supposedly sold in 1946 and broken up in 1955. Can anybody clarify the situation and her fate.

Many thanks


Hugh MacLean
16th March 2006, 16:52
Hello Nigel,

I am not sure if you have this or not but here it is anyway:

Lowestoft L59, 1934. Grimsby Class sloop

Displacement 990 tons Length 266' overallBeam 36' Draught 7½' Machinery 2 shafts geared turbines, 2000 shaft horsepower Speed 16½ knots Armament 2 X 4.7" Anti-aicraft 4 X .5" Anti-aircraft (1 X 4) Complement 100 Built by Devonport Dockyard. Finished by White of Cowes Laid down 21st August 1933 Launched 11th April 1934

Service life

The ship Commissioned on the 20th November 1934 and joined the China Squadron where she relieved HMS Bridgewater. Lowestoft remained on the China Station from 1934 until 1939 and the outbreak of the Second World War.
On 12th July 1942 Lowestoft collided with the French destroyer Leopard.
Lowestoft became the Senior Officer's ship the 57th Escort Group in 1945.
On the 4th October 1946 she was sold for conversion to a merchant vessel and would have worked under the Panamanian Flag with the name Miraflores. She was partially converted at Barry then moved to Dunkirk for completion. In 1948 the ship was arrested for owners' debts and laid up in Dunkirk.
The ship was sold to Belgian ship breakers in 1955 and was towed to Antwerp for breaking up on the 5th August 1955.


18th March 2006, 21:32
She was deleted by the Egyptian Navy in 1990, not sure how she ended up.

19th March 2006, 15:28
Many thanks Hugh/JBryce

Two more lose ends tied up.



5th February 2011, 19:09
Would this be her? Not sure if my grandfather served on her, or just took the photo from the ship he was on... Any ideas where I can find out? Thanks!

7th February 2011, 19:09
The nearest ship in post #5 appears to be wearing pennant number U59; the configuration, radar (RDF) fit and camouflage scheme are correct for the ship concerned; it is indeed HMS LOWESTOFT.

3rd September 2011, 16:19
My Grandfather was Gunnery Officer on HMS Lowestoft when she went to China in the 30s, calling in at Simonstown in South Africa en route. I have a photo of him, “Crossing the Line” as Neptune, presiding over the court with Cmdr Alison, Captain of the Lowestoft” and Capt Betts of the “C-unreadable Castle”. Also shown in "Writer McReady", Neptune’s secretary and assorted members of the “Court”.
Would anyone be interested in seeing this? Also any ideas what the C? Castle might have been?