ex british ww2 carriers

17th March 2006, 18:52
what has happened to the following:_ HMS VENGANCE became minas geras, HMS HURCULES BECAME INS VIKRANT, HMS HERMES became INS VIKRAAT,HMS VENRABLE became vincento de mayo are any of these ships still afloat

Hugh MacLean
17th March 2006, 19:37
Hi Viking,

H.M.S Venerable was sold to the Netherlands in May 1946 and became the Karel Doonman on 22 August 1969 she sold to the Argentina Navy. Finally she was beached for scrap the Alang shipyard, India in March 2000.

H.M.S. Hercules was laid up for 10 years before being purchased by India in January 1957. Commissioned 4 March 1961 as INS Vikrant. Refitted for Sea Harrier operation 1979-1982. Decomissioned late 1997.

On Tuesday 16th October 2001, HMS Vengeance was de-commissioned as NAeL Minas Gerais by the Brazilian Navy and is currently at the Naval Dockyard at Rio de Janeiro.

H.M.S Hermes was still operational in 2001 with the Indian Navy.



Keltic Star
18th March 2006, 05:47
Majestic Class caariers:

H.M.S. Magnifcent blt 1943
Transferred to Royal Canadian Navy 1946 as H.M.C.S. Magnificent (The Maggie)
Returned to Royal Navy 1956

replaced by

HMS Powerful blt 1943
Purchased by Royal Canadian Navy 1957 as H.M.C.S. Bonaventutre (The Bonnie)
Scrapped Taiwan 1971

neither vessel saw active service in WW II

4th April 2006, 20:39
theres an aircraft carrier off the beach at alang india is this vengance you can see it on google earth not beached tied up off shore will post image on photo's page

4th April 2006, 20:45
satilite photo now on photo's page is it vengance ?

4th April 2006, 21:03
Vengeance/Minas Gerais was beached in April 2004 and was supposebly scrapped by 2005. The photo can only saw her as there was no other aircraft carrier delivered at Aland since 2000.

5th April 2006, 14:08
Minas Gerais was scrapped at Alang 2004-5. Satelite image in Google was taken April 2004.

For more details on Minas Gerais see
www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/brazil/minas-gerais.htm (http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/brazil/minas-gerais.htm)