Blue Submarines?

Galley Boy
20th March 2006, 20:25
Pictured in one of todays papers,HMS Torbay leaving Devonport painted "BLUE",the rest of them to be changed by the end of the year.Is this a wind up or an early April 1st?

Hamish Mackintosh
20th March 2006, 20:34
Sailes on "steve Clarks" coal burning submarine the "Petworth" she had a black hull tho (Night)

21st March 2006, 09:30
Anyone else paint their Subs blue? Or are we patrolling the Pacific these days, come to think of it the blue may be too dark.

21st March 2006, 11:21
Apparently its because we've moved operations from the dark, deep North Altlantic (Cold War era), to the Bluer seas of the Gulf. They reckon blue is harder to spot in middle eastern climates!

21st March 2006, 11:40
Hope they do not deploy them to either the Red Sea or the Yellow sea

21st March 2006, 11:50
Hope they do not deploy them to either the Red Sea or the Yellow sea
You wouldn't be thinking of missile range of a certain Middle East country? Avoiding a trajectory over Chinese territory whose Government might just think that it came from Formosa and react accordingly.

21st March 2006, 12:15
Thinking that they may have to paint them Red or Yellow, although yellow sub would not be new.

3rd April 2006, 06:49
This months Navy News has a couple of pictures and an article about HMS Torbay in her new colour scheme. They also used it for an April fools wind up a couple of pages before the article with the same image, but with the sub completely taken out of the picture! (*))

4th April 2006, 14:54
Perhaps they have found the surplus paint from the Britannia and have orders to use it.

20th May 2006, 16:32
I recall seeing the T class boat Turpin (P.354) at Devonport in 1945.
She was painted Green !

20th May 2006, 18:45
Let's not forget the American one that appeared in a film and ended up painted pink (Night)

23rd May 2006, 09:13
Strange to say the RN painted its subs Dark Blue during WW2 as they found that was the best colour for them to avoid being seen from the air. A colour called PB2 I think. Nice to know that things never really change.

jim barnes
23rd May 2006, 13:18
do they use water colours?

25th October 2006, 23:33
Thinking that they may have to paint them Red or Yellow, although yellow sub would not be new.

There has been a submarine painted red as well. (or was it bright Orange). The idea being to find it more easily. I think it was one of the Porpoise class, near the end of her life, converted to be sunk and raised, training salvage crews I believe. Anyone else remember it?

Bruce Carson
26th October 2006, 00:01
do they use water colours?

The specified shade is Aquamarine.

Bruce C

Manxman 52
2nd June 2010, 02:28
I have attached a picture of my old boat Hms/m Opossum in her gulf colour scheme, I had left her by the time this picture was taken.

Manxman52 (Thumb)

2nd June 2010, 11:50
The initial intention was pink, but this was withdrawn after complaints were received from Russel Grant and Julian Clary.

2nd June 2010, 13:58
I've never understood why navies insist upon painting submarines black. It's never struck me as a particularly inconspicuous color at sea. I suppose it's simply one of those long-established naval traditions that has become impossible to break.

The most effective camouflage I ever saw applied to a sub was by the Israeli Navy, which paints theirs in a sort of pale green. It may sound weird but it works really well. Their submarines are very difficult to spot while underway, whether underwater or on the surface.

3rd June 2010, 05:39
Could the overall black colour of submarines have been something to do with the anti-fouling colour selection available?
These days most submarines are covered in anechoic sound absorbing "rubber" tiles, again, maybe, as with the Model T. You can have any colour you want, as long as it is black.

7th June 2010, 21:54
Who knows? nudge! nudge! wink! wink!.