HMS Hydra

Rory Bhoy
21st March 2006, 23:43
Far East/Seychelles/Gulf 1975/6. Great memories. Best draft I ever had. (Thumb)

22nd March 2006, 23:39
I was wondering if I could get a cap tally of HMS Hydra.

My late father served on the destroyer HMS Hydra during WW1 and it would fit into the collection I have of his naval history.

Would appreciate any help.

Ray Blackley

23rd March 2006, 19:08
Its well worth looking on E-Bay, a couple of items on there at the moment, just keep trying????????????????


Rory Bhoy
16th September 2006, 11:59
Here you go Ray ...

1st November 2006, 20:57
These pictures bring back some good memories for me, served on her 77-78, 9 month deployment in the persian gulf.

13th February 2011, 20:28
I was in Hydra 72/73, I hated it. I had a pier head jump from Eagle and it was too much of a culture shock.

15th October 2011, 21:49

I've just joined the forum with an interest in Jutland. Does your collection cover your father's history on the Hydra during or before the battle? By the way I was on Flkr this afternoon and came across someone else's photos from Hydra if this might be of interest (