Brocklebank Sailings - Journal of Commerce

Jim S
22nd March 2006, 18:46
I though the attached might invoke some nostalgic memories.
It is from the front page of a Journal of Commerce ( remember that ?) and is dated 4th June 1963.
It speaks for itself but just look at those wonderful ? ports we used to sail to.
Mahout was loading for her maiden voyage.
Those lucky enough to be on Maipura had the pleasures of the Seychelles to look forward to.
I was to do my second trip on Maidan at that time - I signed on at Middlesbrough as 5th Eng and not too happy at that - an approach to the visiting Eng Supt at Birkenhead got promotion to Jnr 4th Eng - better cabin slightly more money but still had to share generator watches with 5th.
But at least it was a start.
Chief Eng was Bill Woods, Ben Lyon 2nd Eng, Capt Kellor, Master.

michael james
22nd March 2006, 19:33
Jim, Thanks for posting. I coasted the Masirah pre the voyage advertised, having just got my 2nd Mates ticket, then promptly got seconded to Guinea Gulf Line - in a weird sort of way I missed the usual Brocklebank itinerary of having to tolerate the discomfort of the Red Sea in order to enjoy Seychelles, Gan Is, Trinco etc