HMS Vengeance

Bob S
15th August 2004, 17:45
A selection of photographs from my Father-in-Lawís WW2 collection whilst serving aboard the Colossus class aircraft carrier HMS VENGEANCE. He served on her for the voyage from the UK to Australia as the war ended. The VENGEANCE went on to become Brazils MINAS GERAIS and has only recently been de-commissioned and is now, I believe, the subject of a preservation attempt.
Photographs are:
1. In Captain Cook dry dock in Australia
2. Corsairs ready for take off
3. Corsair lifting off

See further photographs attached to following reply

Bob S
15th August 2004, 17:49
4. Barracuda landing
5. Firefly crash landing
6. One that didnít make it

13th August 2007, 20:54
anything left of-minas gerias/hms vengeance. veinticinco de mayo/hmsvenrable.Vikrant/hms hurcules or any ww2 british carriers left heard that china has the deck off a former british carrier as a pratice landing strip?

Ron Stringer
13th August 2007, 21:52
4. Barracuda landing
5. Firefly crash landing
6. One that didnít make it

Think that you will find that photo 4. was another Corsair, not a Fairey Barracuda (sorry Fubar - although Blackburn did build them, as did several other aircraft companies during WW2, they were designed by Fairey Aviation and not by Blackburn).

14th August 2007, 23:10
Minas Gerias went to the breakers a few years ago, whilst the Veinticinco De Mayo went in the early 90s. As far as I know the Vikrant is the subject of preservation attempts in Mumbai, although I tried to track her down on a visit there and found nothing.

The carrier deck the Chinese have I believe is from the former HMAS Melbourne.

There is always the Viraat (ex Hermes) which is an improved Colossus variant which will continue to sail on a for a few more years yet.

16th August 2007, 17:39
You can see the whole story, including the last sad photos of HMS VENGEANCE at