RMS Olympic

23rd March 2006, 18:15
I have several original post cards of the Olympic cira 1911. does any one know if these would have any value and if so what would it be?

23rd March 2006, 19:14
I suggest you scan them and post them in the Gallery so we can have a look at them (Thumb)

23rd March 2006, 21:57
I suggest you scan them and post them in the Gallery so we can have a look at them (Thumb)
...and let us argue over whether it might actually be Titanic....(*))

Mark Chirnside
23rd March 2006, 22:11
Olympic items seem to vary enormously in value. Once I saw a rare original 1920s card sell for 500; another time I saw a similar card fail to attract a single bid on ebay.

I guess it all comes down to the demand at the time, and how rare they are. They certainly seem to command high bids on ebay, and have done for some time.

Best wishes,


24th March 2006, 10:28
Yes they certainly have a value and the older they are the more sort after. Difficult to give you price guidance. Depends as Mark says on how scare the card is and also condition. I have been selling cards on ebay for awhile and there is a strong market for this type of item.
Hawkey01 (egg)

24th March 2006, 19:23
newda898, Daniel,

I take it that the web site used as your signature is your own web site. Is that right.

Is the ferries web site yours as well.


24th March 2006, 21:20
(sorry for going off-topic!)

Hi Chris, Yes the photosite is mine and I am an administrator on the forum.

24th March 2006, 22:03
Thanks Daniel,

I was curious.

I am afraid, that I am a believer in the story that the Olympic is the wreck lying at the bottom of the Atlantic, not the original Titanic.

According to reports I have seen, the damage caused in the collision with the cruiser was so severe that Olympic was considered to be too expensive to repair. She was therefore substituted by her sister Titanic, and it was she who was sunk in the collision with the iceberg not the Titanic.

Jobs were so valuable in those days, that the workers chosen to swop the identities of the two ships were promised a job for life if they remained loyal and did not disclose what happened.

I cannot see how a ship damaged as severely as Olympic was, could have carried on as long as she did. I appreciate that the I.D. number of Titanic was found on the prop of the wreck, but whose to say the props were not changed.

Kind regards


25th March 2006, 18:42

Before groundhog day kicks it please do not restart the Titanic "ship-swap" conspiracy theory thing again on SN. It has already caused a lot of ill-feeling.

There are plenty of sites for conspiracists where they can go blind thinking about this kind of thing - we have had enough of it thank you very much.


25th March 2006, 19:09
I thought this site was for discussing subjects like this. Obviously not. You had better list everything you dont want discussed then everyone one will be the wiser.

Mad Landsman
25th March 2006, 19:35
As an ordinary member with no knowledge of Titanic/Olympic/Gigantic/Britanic whatsoever I declare that I wholeheartedly agree with Benjidog. If there is any one thing that needs to be avoided it is that subject, if possible, please.
It is a THEORY! Nuff sed.

I'd still like to see the pix though.