Highest Tonnage

Buffers Buddy
25th March 2006, 11:21
Can anyone tell me which UK ports had the highest tonnage throughput in 2005 ?

25th March 2006, 18:48
This bit of info may help you. About 100 ports are commercially active. Of these, 36 handle over two million tonnes per year. The four biggest estuary ports London, Tees and Hartlepool, Grimsby and Immingham, and Forth handle over 200 million tonnes between them. Oil and oil products account for half the tonnage handled by UK ports and seven ports handle over 25 million tonnes annually. These products make up over half the tonnage through eight of the top ten. Sullom Voe was built in the 1970s and now handles over 30 million tonnes per year of North Sea and North Atlantic oil. Felixstowe has grown in just over 30 years from a little fishing haven to a major port, handling 1.8 million containers in 1999 40 per cent of the UK total. Dover has grown over a similar period to handle 17 million tonnes of freight in 1999 the bulk in 1.5 million lorries. Dover also handles 24 million passengers.

Buffers Buddy
25th March 2006, 19:30
Thanks very much for your help,the information is extemely useful.