USN Ghost Ships

31st March 2006, 11:35
The Teesside Ghost Ships could spark a new "ship recycling" initiative for North East England. See the following url for BBC's News release.

What do we reckon - is this a good move for the North East? (?HUH)

Jeff Egan
31st March 2006, 11:55
I think in a way it's a shame it's come to this, when you think of all the fine ships built hear in the North East over the years, but if shipbuilding is finished why not ship breaking, up until about forty years ago this was happening on the Tyne and other ports, so if it can be done safely then why not. It creates jobs not only in the yards but in the spin off services, Tug's, Pilot's, Mooring men among others, then the recycled steel is shipped out creating seafaring jobs, it's unlikely these jobs will be for european seafarers but that I'm afraid is the way of the world today, so I for one are all for ship breaking returning to the North east.

31st March 2006, 12:31

I echo your sentiments. In a controlled environment this has got to be a winner for your area. The spin offs which you mentioned would, I'm sure, be welcomed in the Tyne/Tees catchment area.

defra (Department for Environment, Food And Rural Affairs) news release on the Consultation Process can be found at this url =>

The actual Consultation papers are available here =>

John Rogers
31st March 2006, 13:10
I think the cost/hourly wages would exceed the cost of the scrap steel.

Jeff Egan
31st March 2006, 13:27
You are almost certainly right John, but with the pressure coming on for these vessels to be disposed on safely what is the alternatvie? I suppose the temptation is to sell an ageing ship on to company that isn't governed by the strict rules that are in force in Europe and the US.

31st March 2006, 15:13
Hi John they already have a facility for this in Brownsville Texas which receive subsidies and were breaking some troop transports there last year there is an aricle in a maritime magazine which I get mailed to me from Europe

31st March 2006, 18:26
In addition to breaking the USN Ghost Ships currently on Teesside it would appear that they anticipate scrapping half of the Royal Navy and most of the EU fleet!

The defra news release states the following:
"Based on current estimates, there are approximately 30 MOD vessels scheduled to come out of operation by 2013. For commercial vessels, nearly 400 EU flagged ships will require recycling by 2010."

Jeff Egan
31st March 2006, 18:32
Does this mean all Sunderland AFC fans in years to come will have to change their nickname from "Makems" to "Brakems"

31st March 2006, 18:38
thought thats what they were and i live a little way down coast .