Coal Burner

Kenneth Morley
2nd April 2006, 05:44
:confused: HI all, Who remembers the "Hazel Bank" (Cloud) Kenneth

4th April 2006, 05:57
:confused: HI all, Who remembers the "Hazel Bank" (Cloud) Kenneth

Kenneth, I well remember the Hazelbank, which visited Geelong at least once in the 1950s. I have posted an old photo of her discharging phosphatic rock at Geelong in the Gallery, under 'Cargo Ships'. Not the greatest photo, it was one of many from the reject bin of an old friend who phographed every ship to visit the port at that time. He gave me his rejects, most of which are at least reasonable, and I am posting as many as I hope are acceptable.

Mike Lindsell
28th April 2006, 05:20
I spent the last two years of my apprenticeship (1955 - 1957) on this old Tub, she was ultimately (1957) sold out of the Bankline Fleet.
I joined my first ship the Beaverbank at Liverpool in 1953, this was the vessels maiden voyage.
During my 9 years with Bankline 1953 - 1962 I also served on the Westbank, Clydebank (Built 1926), Irisbank, Cl;overbank and Teakbank.

12th November 2008, 23:55
talking about coal burners anyone rember the lunesdale sanddredger belonging to richard ables liverpool

Alan Rawlinson
16th December 2008, 19:23
Hallo Kenneth,

I did a memorable short spell on the Hazelbank 1951/52 en route to join the INCHANGA. The memories include the coal dust when coaling in Adelaide, the quietness of the engines. ( We apprentices used to put an ear to the bulkhead to be sure we were steaming!) Also have a pic somewhere of me lashed to the rails and covered in stockholm tar as part of the '' crossing the line ceremony '' on the HAZELBANK.

The other apprentice was Steve Cutlack, the master was Capt Newton, and she was a very happy ship during my time aboard.

Alan Rawlinson

:confused: HI all, Who remembers the "Hazel Bank" (Cloud) Kenneth

K urgess
16th December 2008, 19:40
If that was Captain Alan Newton from Richmond, North Yorkshire, it's not a surprise that it was a happy ship, Alan (Thumb).
He's in my gallery on the Weirbank in 1969 to 1971.

John Williams 56-65
16th December 2008, 19:51
Do any of you old Bank Line hands know the name of the ship that caught fire whilst unloading Copra in Bromborough dock in the early fifties? I was working on her while she was unloading and I believe the fire was caused by spontaneous combustion. I remember being evacuated off her while the fire was being fought by the local brigade. I distinctly remember the shell plates glowing red as we stood watching on the quayside. As it was obvious we wouldn`t be resuming work on her for some time, if at all, we had to return to our workshop. I never did find out what happened to her and unfortunately I don`t remember her name. Any one know of her?