Stockvik Ex St Canute

2nd April 2006, 13:51
Dear all

I think most of you already know the story of the Stockvik, so unless asked, I won't mention it here, just post a few pictures of her when I was onboard en route to Sweden.

Now I need to see how to upload pictures on this site

4th April 2006, 13:47
If some members express interest, will post more

4th April 2006, 16:02
Ciao Vchiu
the ST CANUTE was of Fowey Harbour Commissioners ,Funnel was yellow with black top ,Hull :black over green with red boot topping -built 1931 ex OTHONIA-62 exSCT KNUT,i will post a shot of he in b/w further.

Bob S
4th April 2006, 17:14
St Canute seen at the Exeter Maritime Museum on the 9th September 1996.

5th April 2006, 01:24
Thank you Tanker and Bob

In deed I was on board when she sailed from DK to SE under her own power. a very pleasant and moving trip, altough I got seasick because she was rolling a lot! This was in may 2000

I am looking for information and pictures of her when she was active in Fowey Harbour. I also wish to help the owner locate the mast which seem to have been withdrawn between 1992 and 1996.

I contacted the Fowey Harbour Commissioners by email 2 years ago and they promised to look for info, but despite several requests, no news since.

I followed a part of the restoration process that lead her to become seaworthy and able to make to her new home. a tremendous job

I will upload a picture of her serving as sct Knud

Robin Stobbs
2nd February 2008, 16:52
So all you all, please let's see all these pics. I built my model (to 1:32 scale) some 35 years ago and she still goes like she ever did! I think the small scale drawings were in Ships Monthly or some similar magazine and were of the ship as she was in service in Fowey (yet still names Sct. Knud!) - ie. no lifeboats. I'd love to see some authentic scale drawings of the vessel as she was before enduring that 'incarceration' at Exeter! I'm both thrilled that the prototype is still operational and that my model is still goping strong after onl;y one gearbox re-build!

Regards, Rob

3rd April 2008, 16:06
Hi Robin
I would be glad to see pictures of your model

My 1/50 St Canute is here

Would it be possible for you to scan the small scale drawings you got hold onto?

I am still looking for picture of her under FHC active duty.

Best Regards,


26th April 2008, 09:45

My name is Marcin , I'm building a Stocvik model and I have some problems . I have a plan St Canute but do not have any pictures of deck . Front winch is what interests me the most . If somebody have any picture that you would be happy to share with me I would be very grateful for your help.

4th May 2008, 05:39
Pls PM me your email address. I have some pictures of the deck and winch.

Allow 2-4 MB of capacity or more for the pictures I will send you.

You are right about the winch. the billing boat provided winch is an electric one, whereas the true one is steam-powered



SAS Amatola
9th May 2008, 19:41
History of vessel?

11th May 2008, 11:18