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3rd April 2006, 12:20
As I am new to this Forum, I donn't know what is the guideline for posting links.

Is there any link page? How could we contribute to it?

I wish to paste a few bookmarked links about old ships and their preservation.

I am looking also for some links and news for the following ships :

S/S Freshspring
S/S kathadyn
S/S Explorer (scotland)
S/S Tuxedo Princess
S/S Rame Head


I am interested to find pictures and news of preserved/existing/operating/static steam costers and cargo boats. I guess it is very hard to find any


4th April 2006, 15:09
Hi Vichiu and welcome to SN,

There is not a specific place to post links but the following information may be of help:

1. There is a ships research forum which has a thread about resources for reseach - you could put it there.

2. There is the ability to create a thread about a specific ship in either the ship's research forum or under one of the many forums for shipping lines e.g. P&O.

I am away from home at present but have a book about operating sailing ships (thought it is a few years old) that may be of interest - will send you the details in a week or so.



4th April 2006, 17:50
Afternoon Vchiu. The only Tuxedo Princess I can come up with is the night club in Newcastle by that name. She is the ex ferry Caledonian Princess. Delivered in 61 for the Stranraer - Larne service.

The Rame Head or I should say HMS Rame Head has been laid up in Portsmouth. Until replaced by the Sir Tristram she was used as a training site for Special Forces personnel. There was one article that stated that she was being saved from the breakers by Orkney Dive boat operations and being sunk in Scapa Flow.
Built in Canada
Launched 1944
Beachy Head class Penant F34.

All the above on Yahoo search under respective ships name. Hope it is of interest to you.
Hawkey01 (Thumb)

11th April 2006, 06:27
but I found very few pictures of the Tuxedo Princess and the HMS Rame head on the web. Should any member have some, I will be very grateful if some could be downloaded


3rd May 2006, 07:44
is doing fine and advertised as sea-going.

There aren't many triple expansion engined vessels still seagoing today, so thi is a nice news

Found pictures of Tuxedo Princess. seems she is decently kept up