S/S Rotterdam

4th April 2006, 01:41
The Steam Turbine Liner Rotterdam is being currently refit in Dantzig


The Dutch are very serious when it comes to Ship preservation. An outstanding job and a magnificent sight!

4th April 2006, 03:07
interesting to see what can be done. thank you for posting the sites too!
lovely ship the rotterdam.

Jan Hendrik
4th April 2006, 06:41
In case you missed it, there is lots of info in the following thread:

main page -- holland america line -- rotterdam (5).

Actually I received an original CD ROM with 80 hi res. photos of her drydocking in Cadiz and already have given presentations about the event.
I planned to post few more photos in the above thread.


4th April 2006, 13:45
sorry, as I am new to this forum, I forgot to check on the HAL place.

When it comes to the SS Rotterdam, should we continue on this thread (preservation) or on the other one (HAL)?

When I see the beautiful paint, I think the Dutch People can be proud of their achievement both in the past and in the present by keeping this vessel afloat.

As a French, I rather feel miserable before our dismal/inexistent ship preservation effort. Most people just shrug when told about the France. They are more concerned by going on strike or in vacations. A disgrace.

Jan Hendrik
4th April 2006, 23:20
I suggest you continue under HAL as the main page is easy to follow.