preserved ships in France

4th April 2006, 16:53
OK, there are some exceptions that shows that some ships can be preserved in France. Call it a miracle

1) Colbert Cruiser

2) Fregate Meteo / Weather forecast and study Frigate France II
The Commandant Cousteau's Calypso is just next to the frigate, rotting , waiting for a lawsuit to determine who is the actual owner.

3) 3-mast bark + lightship

4) Frigate Maille Breze

5) 3-mast bark BElem

6) La belle poule / l'etoile

7) A few fishing boats to visit :

I think this is all. I don't include the few floating objects on the Seine River in Paris that still share a few rivets with their original self.

29th April 2006, 06:26
Some news for the Commandant J.Y Cousteau's former research ship, the Calypso.
Her ownership was confirmed by the Paris Court of Appeal to be that of Francine Cousteau, the Commandant's widow.

This decision contradicts the "Campagnes océanographiques françaises " (COF) association's claims that they owned the ship indeed. The Elder son of J.Y Cousteau and his first wife is member of the COF.

This decision paves the way to repairing the ship and making it a floating memorial/Museum dedicated to science, research and education. Carnival Cruise and IWC would provide financial support for this project.

More information on the current state of the Calypso (in French):

29th April 2006, 06:55
re the frigate maille breze,the destroyer maille breze blew her forward end up with her own torpedos 30th april 1940

Richard Green
29th April 2006, 09:43
We're currently doing a great job preserving the ex aircraft carrier Clémenceau. The towing company must be laughing all the way to the bank! Last I heard was that she was currently off the west coast of africa on her way back to France from India. Asbestos is a nasty substance but when the Gujarati authorities announce officially 372 deaths between '83 and '04 attributed to the ship demolition industry and the local papers in Chittagong detail 1,000 I don't see what the fuss about 30 tons of the stuff is........