23rd August 2004, 13:08
P&O and former New Zealand Shipping Co/s MATAURA at Glasgow in 1974 just painted in the P&O Corporate Livery but with corn hull aka Orient Line instead of the black.
Such are the changes in docklands around the country,astern where MATAURA is berthed stands a luxury hotel taller than the crane and ahead is another medium sized hotel. The 150ton crane itself still stands rather oddly amongst all this and now serves as a take off point for charity abseilers!

5th December 2004, 11:39
Another photo taken of her entering Otago Harbour, NZ.
She looked much better in these colours!!

5th December 2004, 17:54
She had a sister MANAPOURI all were scrapped end 90s . MATAURA as CORRADO I, MANAPOURI as LIMON TRADER.