More ferry woes - CalMac

10th April 2006, 08:04
Caledonian MacBrayne ran its first Sunday ferry service to the island of Harris yesterday, connecting it up with the islands of South and North Uist.

The residents of Harris presented a petition of over 740 names condemning the service as they wished to observe the Sabbath, and in their opinion it was an infringement of allowing them to do this.

The residents of Uist were keen on the idea, as it allowed them to visit people in the hospital at Stornaway (on Harris).

It should be noted that the residents of Harris did not have such voiciferous objecions when the air service was introduced to the island on Sundays, four years ago!

Fun and games!


fred henderson
10th April 2006, 10:21
CalMac say they have received about 40 letters on the subject and that they are evenly divided for and against a Sunday ferry service. It is unfortunate that the service was openened on one of the two most important Sundays in the Wee Free calander.


25th September 2006, 17:27
Just a minor point mate, Stornoway is in Lewis, not Harris!

25th September 2006, 19:03
do they still frown on whistling on the Sabbath !!!

26th September 2006, 13:57
The passage was actually cut and pasted from a Scots newspaper article..!

Obviously written by a "foreigner"...!