Westland Producer

John Gurton
10th April 2006, 15:14
I am seeking information on the sinking of the Westland Producer. Vessel was sunk and later salvaged off Garrison Point, Sheerness. about 1962 or 63.

Bruce Carson
11th April 2006, 01:53
John, I don't have any information on the sinking, but here are two pictures of the 'Westland Producer'. one above and one below the water.


Bruce C.

11th April 2006, 08:21
Ahoy John,

Here some details of the Westland Producer, and I tried to translate the text.;

Here the translation of her details[Bijzonderheden]:
On 27 November 1963 she had a collison with the Panamese vessel URANIA at the estuary river Thames and sunk.
In 1964 again in service
In 1967 rebuilt, and lengthened till 56.86 m and BRT:499, and was fitted for container service.
In 1972 VITA NOVA-Panamese Flag
In 1987 to the "de Leeuw-Den Helder" for use as recreation purposes.
In 1989 renamed ALTEA-Flag Honduras
In october 1989 she was stopped in the English Channel with drugs o/b and captured.
In service as a trainee vessel at Rochester for war on drugs.
In 1991 towed to Liverpool and layed up there.
In 2000 the vessel was still there
In 2004 no longer registered.

John Gurton
11th April 2006, 13:12
Thanks Ruud and Bruce.
It all rings a bell now. My school overlooked the Sheerness Approach where I used to see this ship and the Westland Trader arriving with produce from Holland, they used to return with livestock. In later years when I started as a pilot on the Medway I used to see the ship moored up at Upnor where the SBS and Customs used to train on her. I can now pass on all this to the old boy who first asked me about it...and thus led me on to this site which is a bonus!
Rgds John (Thumb)