Admiral Nakhimov

Bob S
26th August 2004, 16:20
The Black Sea Shipping Companies ADMIRAL NAKHIMOV (25/17053) seen in the Russian Black Sea port of Yalta in April 1972. Tug KRYMCHANIN in foreground.

She was built by Bremer Vulkan as the BERLIN for Norddeutscher Lloyd. She was sank by a mine in 1945, salvaged by the Russians in 1948 and renamed ADMIRAL NAKHIMOV, she entered Black Sea service in 1957. She was sunk on 31st August 1986 after a collision with Russian bulk carrier PYOTR VASEV.

2nd October 2004, 15:29
The worst marine disaster in terms of the number of live lost since the deaths
431 indonesians when the Ro/lo-RO/off motor ferry TAMPOMAS II caught fire
and sank i Java sea in Jan . 1981. occurred in aug.1986 when a total of 423
soviet citizens died in this collision in calm seas and clear water!!!!!