USS Donald B Berry

22nd April 2006, 17:42
I was onboard the Donald b berry in Jeddah Saudia Arabia on the 4th July 1976.

At the time I was serving as an Engineer Officer onboard the MV Loch Long, we were alongside at Jeddah and all the Engineer and Deck Officers were invited to join the celebrations onboard while she was at anchor in the Bay.

I rec'd a Zippo Keyring as a momento of the occasion. Per chance are any of the crew members who may remember the Scottish Visitors in their whites.


22nd April 2006, 20:38
i was on loch long at that time the deak was chief j houghton old man willie from belfast was 2nd eng chief off was from ni as well his old man started of findus foods were a long time in the gulf nearly lost the cargo hughie newton was fridgie when i joined donald cambell was lecky he was from ni do you remember me kev.

23rd April 2006, 20:40
Thanks for your mail, Yes Deak was Chief Engr, Bob Johnson was Second, Haughton was the old man, Terry Lunt was the Second Mate, or had he been relieved - there was a lad and his wife on from the West Country..her name was Heather...Hughie was Fridgie.
I remember we nearly lost the Cargo....I remember being up half the night getting the cooling water back on track.

I paid off in Dubai

Kev Please remind me what Dept you were in - Iam having a senior moment my 54 years are catching up with me...


23rd April 2006, 20:42
You are right Bob and his wife + Christopher left in France and the big lad from Belfast took over and the leckie was from there as well

23rd April 2006, 22:54
in the words of an old song YOU MUST REMEMBER ME do you remember a chief officer from port line a real gentleman ????