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24th April 2006, 18:43
I am looking for photos of the Chantilly and Missionary Ridge and any other Esso T2's that had a black stack and flew the Panamanian flag there were quite a few.

Hugh MacLean
24th April 2006, 19:05

If you look here you will see a photo and detail on Chantilly



8th May 2006, 05:53
Try www.t2tanker.org/

Their picture gallery is temporarily out of order,but plenty of history of all T 2's

8th May 2006, 19:49
The T2,s in Esso when I was with them in the early fifties were the White River and Lucky Star which were the ones I sailed on also the Steens Mountain,Barren Hills,Olympic Mariner all flew the Panamanian flag,and we handed the White River over to a German crew in Fawley,if I remember rightly they all had black stacks no markings except the Olympic Mariner which had the Olympic stack markings

8th May 2006, 23:00
Hugh the site you gave me dont have a photo of her as a Tanker and the information on her is not quite right I was on her in '52 when according to them she was already a bulk carrier.The T2 tanker page has their photo gallery out of commission at the moment. :@

Hugh MacLean
9th May 2006, 17:46

The only other place to get the photos is the NMM at Greenwich. I see in another thread you have tried there. However see below they have both ships as T2's and not bulkers

T2-SE-A1 tanker
Panama Oceanic Lines Inc
P14457 (3) B Jul. 1949 In Cape Town harbour.

CHANTILLY (Am) 50.1 1943
T2-SE-Al tanker
United States War Shipping Administration
P21806 (5S) B 1943-1945 Under tow in port. She is fitted
with a light cargo deck above her tank tops.

As you can see they state both are taken not long after being built and therfore should still be in their original role as T2 Tankers.


They are not the cheapest option I am afraid.