union rotoma

28th April 2006, 08:21
hello there,

wanting to know were they are photos of her as union rotoma???or ex names kagoro,cgm rostand,pad australia.can anyone help me.cheers (Thumb)

29th April 2006, 03:28
I have some somewhere, will try and find them. Not the best though.

29th April 2006, 07:01
if you can try and find and post that would be great. (Thumb) i got one which i will get onto the site.sometime tonight cheers

29th April 2006, 10:59
Here's two photos of UNION ROTOMA taken at Wellington, 25 June 1993.

29th April 2006, 11:40
thanks for the pics (Thumb)

royal viking
29th April 2006, 19:53
i saw her in auckland at queens wharf with a huge hole cut in her side just back from the port bow not sure to this day what they were doing..would i guess of been early 90's....where is she now....also what ever happened to the new zealand carribean

30th April 2006, 04:58
both scrapped.new zealand carabbian,after blue star had her for a while,the rotoma she went to,far as i know,but someone will know for sure (Thumb)

30th April 2006, 07:19
Am 100% certain she was scrapped in mid 2005.
30 odd years for a vessel that is essentialy a big floating parking station is a credit to her froggy builders and subsequent owners.
David D,

30th April 2006, 08:17
yes i agree,i visted her once around 1995 and she was in a state then,hate to see what she was like when she got to the scrappers????she had some fires to scarey...hate to have the fire siren go off when i was in volunteer fire service,in lyttelton.

30th April 2006, 12:25
I think she went earlier than 2005 - will have to check. Her engines were one of the reasons for her withdrawal.

1st May 2006, 05:42
Here is another shot of the Rotoma

http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/3759/unionrotoma13979grt199119990km.th.jpg (http://img71.imageshack.us/my.php?image=unionrotoma13979grt199119990km.jpg)


1st May 2006, 06:00