Act 1

Bob S
1st September 2004, 15:23
One of the early one's. Associated Container Transportation's ACT 1 (69/24821) passing Tilbury (UK) on the 20th May 1983. Renamed DISCOVERY BAY in 1991 by P&O.

david smith
1st September 2004, 15:45
Built: BremerVulkan Schiffbau & Machinenfabrik, Vegesack, Germany
ON.: 337032 Gross: 24821 Net: 14771
Dimensions: 712'9" x 95'4" x 34'6"
Type: Refrigerated Modular Containership
Propulsion: Two Stal Laval steam turbines by shipbuilder, 2 x Foster Wheeler ESD III boilers, reduction geared to single shaft
Generators: 2 x Brotherhood Turbo-Alternators of 1360 KW @ 12000 rpm and 2 x Rolls-Royce D Range V8 of 440 KW @ 1800 rpm.
Launched: 18/10/1968 (Yard No. 937) for Blue Star Line Ltd., Port Line Ltd. & Ellerman Lines Ltd.
Completed: 3/1969
Sold: 9/02/1998 to P&O Nedlloyd and renamed Discovery Bay under the St. Vincent & Grenadines flag
Sold: to Indian breakers and arrived at Alang for breaking up 7/09/1998

27th October 2007, 13:27
ACT 1 was acquired by P&O Containers in 1991 and re-named "Discovery Bay"
Following the merger of P&O Containers and Nedlloyd to form P&O Nedlloyd, continues in service under the British flag until August 1998 before being sold for scrap - almost 30 years in continuous service!

27th October 2007, 14:43
I remember the later 2 & 3, used to hook up with them in St John, NB, what was ACT's ownership make up ? I don't remember, I know Ellermans where involved also with the PAD service on the West coast with the Dilkara.

27th October 2007, 17:35
So far as I remember, ACT was a consortion of Cunard, Blue Star and Ellermans, and I think that Ben Line and T&J Harrison worked closely with them

28th October 2007, 11:01
Just the right size to get a night or even 2 in port!

28th October 2007, 13:32
As I recall in St JohnNB they were in one day and out the next, had a conflict once with some of the girls from the nurses residence,so we ended upcombining our 'cocktail reception party'!

29th October 2007, 00:19
I did a run job from Tilbury to Liverpool (Seaforth) on her in the mid-70s. I found out that everyone was getting double pay except me and I had to refuse to sail in order to be awarded it too. (It was a freelance job).

I was amazed at how quickly she got round to Liverpool - the speed wobble made her vibrate so much, there were wall screws pinging around my cabin all night. Pleasant company and I seem to recall, excellent food.

John T.

30th October 2007, 17:46
Here ACT 1 at Genoa 1985.

30th October 2007, 17:57
Act 1, Scene 2