James MacDonald
1st May 2006, 14:50
Anyone know what happened to the Lady McGowan & Lady Roslin out of Irvine around about the 60s/70s. usually with explosives. ( hopefully not the obvious ) for trans shipping to deep sea vessels at anchor around the coast.

Hugh MacLean
1st May 2006, 15:01
Hello James,

Lady McGowan scrapped in 1984 see this site for more info:

Lady Roslin scrapped 1993


James MacDonald
1st May 2006, 18:31
Cheers Hugh

24th May 2006, 11:25
I joined the Lady Magowan as galley boy .. in 1952 after we all transferred from the Lady Gertrude Cochrane when she was laid up !!!..now that brings back memories..Collin

24th May 2006, 11:29
Sorry Lady Mc Gowan.....Been in Oz To long ..Collin

3rd July 2006, 14:07
I spotted the lady McGowan alongside in Valletta harbour in 1982.She seemed to be laid-up at that time. Sorry I cannot remember the name she then had.

29th October 2009, 11:04
I was cabin boy in the lady McGowan during 75/76. I have fond memories of the ships cook, Harry Valentine. He was a great old guy. Once when we'd sailed across the North sea, I had drunk a full bottle of whisky; the night before. The following morning, while I was looking for Ralf, Harry made me serve the full cooked breakfast to all the crew. Needless to say, I never drunk that much again.