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Alan Hill
2nd May 2006, 19:56
Was playing around with the tools, fonts, and all that in my machine at home here and I hosed up several sites like lettering in certain sites is now humongous and in others it requires a magnifying glass. And not being a guru I am having trouble getting back where I was before messing around. In case of our site here I believe I changed the background color and the vertical and horizontal lines among other things, they are gone. Is that something I can return to normal/the default settings in the site itself or is it part of my overall computer setup and not specific to this, among others, site? Thanks in advance. Alan Hill Bridgeport, Pa. USA

Lesson learned: If you don't know what you are doing keep your fingers off it!

2nd May 2006, 19:59
Alan, try restoring your computer to an earlier date it may work cheers Bill

2nd May 2006, 21:00
Easy to be wise after the event Alan and we all have to learn the hard way.

I guess you don't know exactly what you did so can't rewind easily. Before you attempt a system restore here are a few things you can try:

1. I don't think you can alter the fonts a web page displays but you can alter the size. From an Internet Explorer screen, go to the View menu, then select Text Size and check the setting - mine is set to Medium. If yours is not I suggest you change it to Medium.

2. Screen resolution. If you changed that, everything on the screen would appear bigger and with less detail in the picture. To change it, get to a blank windows screen, Right click on a blank space and select Properties. Then select the Settings Tab and check the screen resolution. I can't tell you what to set it to as it varies from screen to screen so you will have to experiment.

3. If you have changed the background colour of the basic Windows screen (as opposed to that of a website - which I don't think you should be able to do on its own) follow the same steps in item 2, and check out the Themes and Appearance Tabs.

Good luck and when you get it sorted STOP FIDDLING!!!(Hippy)



Alan Hill
3rd May 2006, 01:32
Thank you guys. Alan Hill