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Clive Anthony Fisher
3rd May 2006, 11:23
Good morning gentlemen

In need of assistance! T2 tankers - can anyone help me with a tanker called the Wolf Creek. Does anyone know anything about this vessel. It apparently had several name changes before being scrapped in the late 60s. I am aware of some of the name changes which were the World Toil, the World Centurion, the Irene and the Tai Lee. Do any of these names ring a bell with anyone? It is proving to be very difficult to source very much information about this vessel and I would love to locate a photograph. Help!

3rd May 2006, 11:47
wolf creek tanker type T2 SE A1
builder kaiser swan island shipyard
portland oregon u.s.a.
built 5/44 hull no. 65
1956 world toil
1961 world centurion
1965 irene
1967 tai lee

thats all sorry, dom

3rd May 2006, 12:03
Owner/Manager:Cia. de Nav.Caros S.A.Panama
Built in 1944 @ Kaiser Co.Inc.-Pld
Call/Flag Sign:HOEX
LOA x B x D:556'5" x 75'2" x 31'11"
Eng.:Steam Turbine connected to Elec. Motor
Eng.Build.:General Electric Co.-Lyn

3rd May 2006, 19:45
This site may give you a bit of info on the T2 in general

Clive Anthony Fisher
18th June 2006, 06:12
Thanks Gentlmen for details of above.
Any one out there with one of her (Various Guises) Listed below
Wolf Creek 1945
World Toil 1956 Operated by Niarchos (London)
World Centurion 1961 Must be the only (2) World Tankers not Photograped.
at some point in time,It looks like a convert to Bulker
Irene 1965
Tailee 1967 Still registered in 1977, 32 years for an old T 2,tanker.
not bad probably still going no date for scrapping.

22nd June 2006, 11:49
the "Tailee" 13,6565 g.t , ( originally of 10,448 g.t. - difference due to changes in tonnage calculation ) built 1949 as " Wolf Creek" , owned by Eddie Stemaship Co. Ltd., of Taipei, Taiwan was sold to Taiwanese shipbreakers and arrived for demolition at Kaohsiung prior to 11/05/1977.


Clive Anthony Fisher
23rd June 2006, 04:04
Thanks for your help.A picture must be close at hand now. only wish.the Wolf Creek I mean,
Regards Clive.

Clive Anthony Fisher
9th August 2006, 11:53
This evening opened my e mail there was one from Auke Visser Holland. To my surprise up popped an image of the Wolf Creek 1944 T 2 tanker taken me years to get a photo of this ship,Thanks to the members of SN and Auke for your assistance in tracking her down.

Regards wish you all Well

9th August 2006, 13:10
Auke Visser has a very good and informative site,well worth a visit