Logging on.

4th May 2006, 01:18
often when trying to get on to the internet (slow dial up connection). i am unable to access the server, cant open yahoo, hotmail or shipsnostalgia. yet yahoo messenger works! I know i am a right duffer with computers but surely yahoo messenger runs through the same server (rice powered out here) ast evening it took me 2 hours to access SN?? yet I was able to use messenger??? mystery to me how these things work??? (Cloud)

4th May 2006, 09:18

Accessing services on the internet involves a number of stages.

First you have to geta connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) which you do via your dial-up or broadband connection to the number they provide you with. When you get a connection you are allocated a temporary IP address and you are connected to their network. If you can access any service at all you have succeeded thus far.

Beyond that you need to access services which may be local to the ISP network or remote from it and connected via various routing devices and comunications links - which all have to be configured correctly. Normally ISPs have multiple connections to the internet to provide resilience so that the failure of a single component does not kill all ongoing connections. That is best (and normal) practice - but of course I cannot comment on what your ISP in the Phillipines has in place.

Assuming the ISP connections to the wider internet are OK, you then get through to a server which hosts the application you are accessing - e.g. the SN website. If the server supporting the application is down or overloaded you won't get through. Similarly if the connection of that "host" server to the internet is down you won't get through.

I hope that provides some kind of explanation of why you can access MSN and not other services. It seems likely to me that as there there are a number of services you can't access when there is a problem, there is a better routing/resilience setup in the direction of the MSN website that to some other sites. If it was only one site you had problems with I would suspect a problem at that site end.



4th May 2006, 13:41
Thank you for that Benjidog. it is a wierd set up here. i have a dial up which at best runs at 31kbps. people who have wireless broadband nearby have got rid of it because like the satalite TV the weather wipes it out. there a system here that is very good and reasonably priced but, on account of where i live i cant have it, they wont put it into my town unless they get about 50 people requesting it. the cable for this is about 100 meters from my home too! this is why i drive to Panabo city every morning at 7 30 am for a two hour fix of SN. (on a dsl system there.
thank you for your help. but untill the pinoys wake up i am stuck with this system, the server cannot cope with the amount of poor starving kids blocking it up with internet war games 7 days a week. poor people here dont know what poor is!!

10th May 2006, 02:11
still suffering the same old problem. last night and all this morning i can get on and use yahoo mesenger, nothing else will work. hence my drive to the city to use this internet cafe again. got to the stage now where i am planning to sell up and move 5 miles just to get a DSL connection. damn frustrating to be polite