Feeder 3 and 4

david smith
7th May 2006, 09:28
The small container ship Feeder 4 has just been sold for scrap. I can see she was named MSC Red Sea and MSC Tbilisi before, but does anyone know of the rest of her history? built 1973 4145grt, 4625dwt Sister Feeder 3 ex MSC Black Sea.

15th May 2006, 15:48
Both vessels were built in Japan by Hashihama in 1972/3 as the Black Eagle and Black Falcon respectively for German owners for the charter market. During the 70's and 80's they traded for, amongst others, Sea-Land, Manchester Liners and Portlink mostly in the intra-European feeder trades.
They were sold in 1987 to Greek owners and were latterly owned by Doris Maritime of Geneva which chartered them to Mediterranean Shipping Co. for several years in their Mediterranean feeder services.
The Feeder 4 was most recently chartered to Inter Pacific Shipping Services of Singapore for a container service linking Colombo and Tuticorin.
Meanwhile the Feeder 3 is still in service on charter to Sea Consortium of Singapore for operation in the Red Sea.

david smith
15th May 2006, 15:58
thanks for the info - suspected the Manchester Liners connection!

John Cassels
16th May 2006, 08:19
Think we had both of them on charter with Cast 1989 - 1993. One replaced the
other , both known as Cast Porcupine. Indian officers and crew.
Not very easy ships to plan load and stow. Stability was not their strong point - if they were run on a weekly schedule with 5 port load/discharge.


16th May 2006, 09:54
Understand the Cast Porcupine actually different vessels (sorry to sound like a smart-**** here).
First named Cast Porcupine (1990/1) was built as San Huberto in Spain in 1988. TEU capacity 235 (non-cellular). She was renamed Feeder 1 after this charter and now sails as Gimeng.
Second Cast Porcupine (from 08/1991-1992) built to same design in 1982 as the Santiago. She's now sailing as Dubai Fortune.

John Cassels
16th May 2006, 13:41
You sure have showed my memory up for what it is Rob.

What is even worse is that I used to run and operate the ships for Cast.
Even went down to Barcelona to organise the switch in '91.
Remember now they were both built in Spain and of 235 teu.

Thanks yr input.


19th May 2006, 15:44
You're welcome. I remember Cast well as I used to work for OOCL, they were competitors on the Montreal run with their big con-bulker vessels.
I seem to remember one of these Carrybox ships running for Portlink at some point during the 90's which fed OOCL cargo from Iberia into Felixstowe.
Also recall a rather smart feeder vessel which called into Ipswich by the name of Cast Raccoon. She's still sailing as the Constantza Star of Metz Container Line, Cyprus.