Collision at Hollands Diep

10th May 2006, 19:58
Press releas May 10 -

May 10 -- Following received from Kiel, dated today: At approximately noon, May 9, the Belgian inland water craft Kempenaar, length 51 metres, sank in the Hollands Diep, after a collision with a tug towing two coal barges. The crew of two jumped overboard, only one was rescued. The captain is missing and four Dutch police vessel, divers and other rescue units were searching for the man. Shipping has had to reduce speed at the position of the wreck where the Hollands Diep has a depth of 10 metres and a width of 300 metres.


10th May 2006, 22:28
Sounds like a bad day for shipping as that is the second problem reported today.

Sadly this one has had dire consequences.

Our sympathy goes to the family of the lost crew member.