Help needed re barque "Frey"

11th May 2006, 22:07
This is a long shot. I am researching the stranding in December 1884 of the sailing ship "Frey" in the Clyde, near Troon and Ayr, during a severe storm. My wife's family were the crew of the Irvine lifeboat which rescued the barques crew. Can anyone provide any information on the "Frey" and her fate? Thank you, ,

11th May 2006, 22:56
Tried to find a hit with Google without success. Guess you tried that already. Will need access to written evidence.

Good luck with your quest - sorry I couldn't help you. Hopefully another member will have records that includes this ship.



11th May 2006, 23:19
Clydesiderman. Found Frey. If you have Adobe Y, Type in Barque frey 1884. scroll down to 1894 frey. thats your ship and info.
Let me know if you find it.

11th May 2006, 23:29
What is Adobe Y Barney? - never heard of that one!


11th May 2006, 23:39
Brian. Under my address bar on the left. I have a little red square, with a V turned upside downand Adobe Y along side it. A white oblong Type barque frey 1884

16th May 2006, 17:09
Benjidog, Brian last week we were looking for Barque Frey. Thought you might like to see info. Yahoo type : wreck frey ardrossan.

Hugh MacLean
16th May 2006, 17:49

Got this off the web.

Frey 1192nt Wooden barque. Built by T. J. Southard, Richmond, USA. Launched 1871. December 1894 had been the worse month for shipping casualties in the history of the Clyde. On the 29th December1894 the she was inward bound to Greenock with a cargo of timber from the USA Mountainous seas whipped up by storm force winds lashed her as she dropped anchor in the lee of Lady Idle, off Troon, and fired her distress rockets. It was impossible to launch the Troon Lifeboat but the Irvine Lifeboat launched and rushed to the scene but due to the heavy swell she was unable to come alongside her. One by one the crew jumped into the surf to be picked up skilfully by the lifeboat crew. However as the lifeboat with the sixteen crewmen and thirteen lifeboatmen approached the safety of Troon Harbour she was capsized by a huge wave throwing everyone into the sea. The boat righted itself immediately and allowed all but two of those on board to clamber back to safety and reach Troon Harbour. The abandoned Frey broke from her anchor and eventually came ashore on the rocks off Seafield near the mouth of the river Doon, south of Ayr.


16th March 2008, 17:40
Hi :) my name is kim and im from Norway. I live in the Town Horten. I search for "frey" on google and found your "add" I Got the original Painting of "frey" It was paintet by a artist from England and his name was York. The full name on the paing if "Frey of Tjømø" Tjomo" is a small plasce close to tonsberg in Vestfold, my neigbour city. It was Capt. H.A Hansen that saild the the ship before she went down. If you want i can take a pickture of her and send it to your imail for your family? I can also try to find more info about the capt Hansen. ? It was a butiful ship:) this paintig have been in the familiy for a long time and im probably in family whit the capt. hansen ore the ships owner... i dont Know. but my familiy has a history of owning a lot of ships so i will try to findmor info thanks to you :)