Calling Doug Rogers

Tony Selman
23rd May 2006, 12:21
Doug, I have read numerous of your posts since I have been on the board and I have been racking my brains as to where I know you from but I have given up. I definitely know we have met somewhere but for the life of me the little grey cells are not up to it. If I give you a breakdown of my career in P&O can you please see if you can dredge up where it was so I can start thinking about something else!

I joined P & O in early 1970 and was immediately sent on a Kelvin Hughes radar training course on the end of Southend Pier, I just have a lurking suspicion you were on that. The other participant on the course was Peter Richardson. Immediately after that I was somewhat thrown in at the deep end for an unknown R/O as far P&O were concerned (albeit I had 6 years experience with Brock's) and was sent out to Chiba to stand by the final building of Trident Tanker Ardvar and sail on the maiden voyage. I then stood by Oriana and Arcadia in Southampton in late 1970 and then sailed on Oronsay from December 1970 to April 1972. Married my WAP wife at the end of that and then we sailed together on Ardvar again followed by gas ship Gambada. I left P&O in late 1974 to work in South Africa.

Ring any bells?

23rd May 2006, 14:33
Doug does not seem to be on site, last posting 30 January 2006

Tony Selman
23rd May 2006, 14:37
Thanks, I hadn't thought of looking at his last posting. I could have sworn he had posted more recently than that. He may read it soon and end the mystery with any luck. Isn't it a b*gger when you can't recall all the things you want to from 35/40 years ago.

23rd May 2006, 16:26

I can confirm that Doug has not even logged on to SN since January.

No idea what happened to him - hopefully he is well and will return to SN at some future date.



23rd May 2006, 18:58
Confirmation noted

Doug H
24th May 2006, 11:12
Tony and others: Doug Rogers (who I used to call "The Other Doug") was a great contributor to this site, as has been acknowledged. He is a contributor no longer for reasons I do not understand. However, I am in touch with him on an irregular basis and if any Member would like Doug's contact details, please send me a private message (PM). Kind regards, Doug H

Tony Selman
24th May 2006, 11:18
Thanks Doug - H that is. Shame to think the other Doug left the board but no doubt he had his reasons. My reason to contact him is not sufficient to justify a PM or troubling you to contact him, my reasoning was to do exactly what this board is good at and see if we were actually old shipmates.

Thanks anyway


Jan Hendrik
24th May 2006, 13:44
Tony, I already contacted him yesterday and passed on your message (I hope you do not mind, but you addressed it to him in the open forum), also received a reply.
I think there might be a follow up.
No doubt Doug has his reasons not to log on to this site any longer.

Tony Selman
24th May 2006, 13:51
Thank you Jan. No I do not mind at all, I just did not want to put anyone to any trouble for what is basically a casual enquiry.

Thank you for your efforts.