Wrong photo

Ben Boat Jim
24th May 2006, 04:32
Quite a few times now, I have selected an image, clicked submit and an entirely different photo comes up... usually one I have posted before.
Also I mentioned this to Tonga, in My Gallery the wrong photos go on the wrong descriptions... a mess to be exact, something is amiss as I follow the uploading rules religiously.
At a complete loss,
Jim Morrison.

non descript
24th May 2006, 08:06

I have asked my colleagues to take a look at this problem, as so far I have drawn a blank in my efforts to identify the problem.

Where there's a cure there's a way. (*))


24th May 2006, 18:47
I have come across similar to this, but realized they were coming from my temporary files, which was cured when I started to delete my temporary files on a regular basis,

If the description is along side the correct photo I have never had a problem.


non descript
24th May 2006, 19:39
Thanks Phill, this may well be the key that Jim needs.

Ben Boat Jim
26th May 2006, 01:02
Thanks Phill ,Tonga,
I have started to delete files from my computer after posting, still have back up on disks so haven't lost any.
Regards Jim. (Applause)

non descript
26th May 2006, 08:27
Well done Jim, sounds like you have cracked it.