Jan Hendrik
25th May 2006, 07:57
Launched 2nd Dec 1868 and which later became the pride of the Australian Navy.
Ever since 8 decades she is rusting away near Black Rock (Melbourne) in Port Phillip Bay.
She was towed to this spot on 3rd Sept 1926, scuttled, and not looked after again for all those years.
She got a mention on the National Trust and there is a possibility to put her on an underwater cradle at the expense of AUD 5.5 million, awaiting further bureaucratic "times" to have her restored at a later date whenever funds are made available.
A very famous TV actor who won the highest trophy of the country last month (John Wood) has now vowed to become an ambassador to try and rescue this old vessel, whatever is left of her.

Hereby some paper clippings which no doubt will have a follow up.
In fact it is just a heap of rust which is sticking out in the bay and one wonders what they can salvage.


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25th May 2006, 08:27
G,day Jan. Having read all about the Cerberus and its being sailed all the way from England , " Under sail " to be part of the Victorian Navy, brings up the thought as to what other ships were in this forgotten band of seafarers so far away from Europe. ?? Good presentation Tuesday evening at Hastings Jan.. (Applause) Barry

Jan Hendrik
25th May 2006, 08:38
Thanks Barry,
I wonder whether the Victorian Government will do something about this vessel.
It would cost millions of dollars of taxpayers money, so perhaps they can start giving up those expensive first class trips which are completely meaningless other than having a nice "free" holiday for the MP's with their families, and concentrate on e.g. our heritage.

Yes it was an enjoyable night with all those maritime friends.
I am now working on the arrival of the "Duyfken" and a meeting with the Hastings maritime Society can be arranged.