Pete Legg
25th May 2006, 23:50
Does the Dredger SAND MOOR strike any bells with anyone? As a Sea Cadet in 1961 I spent an interesting half hour watching her come alongside in the East Dock in Cardiff. She could have been an ex-LST or something of that breed.
But she seemed to have Steam Reciprocating engines for ahead propulsion and Diesels for astern propulsion. As I remember she had a Black hull, her funnel was Black with a Blue top band. She had two Diesel exhausts aft of the funnel,so I assume she was a Twin screw ship. I was very intrigued with her and wish I had found out more about her at the time, but as a baby sea Cadet, I was very much in awe of big sailors!.

Thanks. Pete

2nd August 2014, 13:06
Sand moor was a Swansea dredger triple Scraw two diesel engines for ahead one steam for ahead and astern

2nd August 2014, 16:40
Was she a bucket dredger or a suction dredger?

2nd August 2014, 17:10
She was a suction sand dredger

2nd August 2014, 18:18
Roverj, certainly an unusual propulsion system as described, I was wondering if the 2 diesels were for propulsion and the steam engine for driving the top tumbler or in this case the suction pump. Was she an ex LST?

2nd August 2014, 18:28
Steam engine was a triple expansion for propulsion steam olso drove the donkey engines suction pump forward

2nd August 2014, 21:24
Interesting, the diesel wing engines? only went ahead, were they a retro fits?

2nd August 2014, 21:53
No direct drive no provision going asturn talk to you later going on holiday

8th August 2014, 16:16
There's picture of her in peter Gossons book dredgers of the bristol channel. Welsh side.

9th August 2014, 21:52
There,s a picture of the sandmoor on Ron tovys Swansea dredgers she was built on the tees in1946 as a LST converted to a sand dredger in 1948 for channel sand and ballast Swansea?

14th August 2014, 20:41
I use to live not far from a Museum which has a LCT built by the same Company. The Museum is in Allenby Street, Haifa.
Looking at the photo it certainly is an interesting conversion.

14th August 2014, 21:21
Its nice to see photos better to see the real thing this photo was taken in the Cardiff drain towards the roathlock