RFA Broomdale

31st May 2006, 15:24
Hello All!
I was recently contacted by the daughter (Mrs Hood, now in her 70's) of Chief Engineer Ballantyne who served on board the RFA Broomdale. Apparently the ship spent some time in either one or two Norwegian ports (Narvik?) being repaired after being torpedoed.
Does anyone have any information/pictures from the time spent in Norway?

Consul Assistant
Royal Norwegian Consulate, Glasgow

31st May 2006, 16:38
Broomdale was damaged by bombing 16-18 May 1940 during operations off Norway for which the Chief Engineer and two others were decorated for their efforts in saving the ship.. Later in 1944 she was accidentally torpedoed at Trincomalee by our own side.
( Sources: The RFA -A Century of Service. T Adams & JR Smith. Royal Fleet Auxiliary. EE Sigwart.)
Mrs Hood may like to know of the RFA Association which may be able to supply further information.
Website : www.rfa-association.org
Email: lookout@rfa-association.org
Address: PO Box 120, Hexham, NE48 2DG.