Oil Spill Closes Corpus Christi Harbour

4th June 2006, 04:39
approximately 168,000 gls of oil has spilled into corpus christi inner harbour,the coast guard received a call from the motor tanker matt jacobs of a fire in a 125ft dia. storm containment tank next to the ship.accordig to reports lightning had struck the tank and ignited the waste oil it contained.
the resulting fire threatend the ship,and the 28 crew members of the matt jacobs were safely evacuated by the tug boats ,discovery and thor

4th June 2006, 12:14
Port has now re-opened. Officials now say approx 63200 gals spilled from the Valero refinery due to a fire, and 231 gals spilled from the Citgo refinery due to heavy rain overflowing a tank. Eleven in-bound and three out-bound vessels were delayed.