ss Lualaba and ss Nubia 1892-1894

5th June 2006, 13:11
Hello everyone. I would like to find information about the voyages of the ss Lualaba (British and African steam navigation) and the ss Nubia (African steamship co) both with Elder Dempster. They sailed to the SW coast of Africa between 1892-1894. I would be interested in details of cargo, pictures, crew and passenger lists, ports of call, etc relating to those voyages.



5th June 2006, 22:10
Hi Phil. !n 1892-93.
British and African Steam Navigation’s “Lualaba” and the African Steamship Company’s “Nubia” on their regular voyages to the southwest coast of Africa. From the Mersey, from Rotterdam from Cuxhaven, Hamburg and Antwerp they carried mail and general cargo as they journeyed to the Congo, Lagos, Sierra Leone and Accra where they gathered produce such as palm oil, palm nuts, coffee and ivory.
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6th June 2006, 00:17
I'll post some details and hopefully a few pics in a couple of days when I have more time.


6th June 2006, 09:43
Barney and Derek
thanks for your quick replies. I look forward to any further information



7th June 2006, 15:41
LUALABA 1878-1895 O.N. 78613
'Gaboon' class. Iron screw schooner, two decks.
299.8' x 34.5' x 23.7' 1170 net, 1850 gross.
Built by Cunliffe & Dunlop, Port Glasgow, Yard No. 132 for British & African Steam Navigation Co. Registered Glasgow.
2 Cyl 40", 71" - 36" by the builders, 280 hp, 10.5 knots.
1878 May, completed.
1888 January, took first Elder Dempster sailing from Antwerp.
1889 20 June, first vessel to navigate up the Congo to Matadi (Captain John Murray)
1895 January, sold to P.M. Tintore (Liverpool Agents W.L. Nickels Son & Co.) Renamed TORDERA. Registered Barcelona.
1924 Sold to Cia. Transmediterranea, Barcelona. 1014 net, 1838 gross.
1934 Sold for demolition in Spain.
Lualaba is the name of the River Congo above Stanley Falls.

NUBIA (I) 1879-1889 O.N. 79660
Iron screw steamer, two decks.
321.0' x 34.7' x 22.8' 1236 net, 1958 gross.
Built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, Yard No. 121 for African Steamship Co., registered London.
2 cyl 36", 66" - 48" by G. Forrester & Co., Liverpool, 188hp, 10 knots.
The first ship of the company to have paasenger accommodation amidships.
1878 9 November, launched.
1879 January, completed.
1896 October, new engines and boilers by D. Rollo & Sons, Liverpool. 3 cyl 22", 36", 60" - 48, 235 nhp.
1899 Sold to Mersey Steamship Co. Ltd. (Leech, Harrison & Forward, Managers, Liverpool. Renamed MOROCCO. Registered Liverpool
1908 December, scrapped Alloa.
Nubia is a tract of country, with no precise limit, in North East Africa, broadly lying between Egypt and the Gezira area.

Also shown, photograph of passengers and officers of NUBIA about 1890. The photograph was taken in the Canary Islands.

With acknowledgements to 'The Elder Dempster Fleet History 1852-1985' by J.E. Cowden.

8th June 2006, 10:55
(Applause) Derek,
thankyou for all that information which is much appreciated.



12th October 2008, 01:31
Thanks also for the information supplied.
I am researching Captain John Murray, who, if my calculations are correct, would be my 4th Cousin.
I found Shipsnostalgia by Googling "Captain John Murray" & "Liverpool".

Having joined up so I could view the pictures attached to the above thread; if I am guessing correctly, the Captain shown in the Nubia Crew could well be my relative?
Any more information would be very greatly received.
Congrats all on a great site.

14th September 2012, 21:29
Hi all, you will have to excuse my incompetance as I am completely new to forums. I have joined this forum as I am particularly interested in the SS Nubia. My Second Great Grandfather Captain Thurstan Dale Dakin is listed as being in command of this vessel from July 29th to Nov 4th 1895 and took charge again in April 1896. However he died in Aug the same year as a result of a cerebral hemorhage.
I notice that the photographs you have for this vessel are dated around 1890. I wonder are there any later photo's of the vessel.
Captain Thurstan Dale Dakin my second great grandfather is listed as being captain of the following vessels. I wonder does anybody recognise any of these ships or any information reagrding them. The names may be wrong as the hand writing was very difficult to read, however the o numbers should be right;
Cockermouth O No 74544
City of Carlisle O No 70972
Loch Now O No 60019
Paetole O No 73373
Brunette O No 28093
Emily O No 93492
Nancy Jack O No 71805
Parnel O No 77948
George Thompson O No 48866
Coomasie O No 97759
SS Nubia O No 79660

If anyone recognises any of these ships, HELP! I'm lost with them. I would love to see some pictures!

Peter Raw
14th September 2012, 21:43
Try this site

14th September 2012, 22:39
Thanks Peter, I just wish there were some photo's of the crew from this period?

8th February 2013, 14:35
Hello fellow Members,
I am researching my family tree and think I have a ralation on the Nubia as a passenger. The Nubia sailed from Liverpool on the 16th December 1891 for South Africa and it would be great to find a picture of the ship.


8th February 2013, 14:55
Hello fellow Members,
I am researching my family tree and think I have a ralation on the Nubia as a passenger. The Nubia sailed from Liverpool on the 16th December 1891 for South Africa and it would be great to find a picture of the ship.


check out #9 andclick theweb site(Thumb)