Just Snippets

9th June 2006, 02:37
the ports of ningbo and zhoushan plan to merger and become the worlds 3rd largest port by 2010 handeling 360million tons of cargo.

786 tankers were on order in may with all being deliverd by 2009

an oil slick from a cargo vessel that sank a week ago is threating goa's tourist beaches.the mv ocean seraya broke in two a week after it ran aground.
the norwegian crown will now head straight for philidelpha without calling at hamilton as was first mooted .three tugs assited her as she was pulled free

9th June 2006, 07:37
abandoned sailboat crossed the pacific after being abandoned off cost rica.
the yacht "chaton de foi" washed up in the hawaiian islands more than 4,500miles away after a trip lasting 6 months.
b.. shipping is due to take delivery of another gas tanker on 31st july with another 3 to follow oct 06
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