Caedmon - passenger rescued after falling overboard

non descript
9th June 2006, 12:03
Tradwinds reports:
A woman passenger has been rescued after falling overboard a ferry leaving the Isle of Wight, UK.

Wightlink’s 761–gt Caedmon (built 1973) had just left Yarmouth on its way to Lymington on the English mainland when the alarm was raised on Wednesday.

The woman, who was in the sea for several minutes, was picked up by the ferry's own rescue launch, which was later helped by coastguards. One report suggested she had jumped.

Solent Coastguard said it did not believe the woman was seriously injured but paramedics were called to assist.


10th June 2006, 00:33
I posted what happened under the photo of the ship

non descript
10th June 2006, 08:05
Thanks moaf and I am sorry for you having to be involved in such an incident. On the face of it, to involve others in one’s apparent suicide plans appears a horrid thing to do. I hope the Master and crew can forgive her, but on the plus side, I guess it did provide for some on the spot training and maybe a real accident victim may thereby benefit.