Titanic Shipyard To Recycle Ageing Ships

14th June 2006, 10:07
belfast's harland +wolff shipyard is about to embark on a new venture,tearing ships apart for recycling.
the yard which built the titanic is bidding to become the first in the u.k.licensed for the environmentally-friendy dismantling of aged ships and oil rigs once their time at sea is finished
it has joined forces with worldwide environmental waste co. golder ass. to offer a new marine and offshore structure recovery and recycling service.
new jobs are likely to be created in the shipyard when the project gets underway.

14th June 2006, 12:35
I suppose it will be an easier job draining the build dock than trying to drag hulks up the beach at Alang. Watch out for an influx of Indian burners!!!!!!!

14th June 2006, 14:46
Oh aye and pigs might fly!!.......let's just wait and see what happens.
1 million + appartments (in Titanic Quarter) next to a scrap yard.....hmmmm interesting concept. (?HUH)

14th June 2006, 16:28
Oul hand, wow, One million plus? Bought my first house in Bangor in 1965 (brand new) for under three thousand. Should have held on to it. The idea of a scrapyard is surely not in the cards. Colin

14th June 2006, 16:52
The're daft enough for anything here (LOL) (LOL) You wouldn't know the old place these days Colin, houses in Bangor now start at close to 200,000 and that's in the poor part!!! Venture out to Carnalea or Crawfordsburn and your into the 2 -3 million bracket.

15th June 2006, 13:47
Hey Tmac, it must have been a real wrench when Sylvia made you move from your H&W appartment to your new place in Crawfordsburn! (Jester)

15th June 2006, 14:03
Too right Ray except all I can afford on the "Gold Coast" is a tin shack (made by H&W of course) (LOL)

MaK Man
15th June 2006, 21:52
The last time I was at H & W, you should have seen the size of the propellers in the main dock, I can,t wait to see the ship they are gonna go on to

18th June 2006, 22:27
Here's the Press Association release

The yard which built the Titanic is bidding to become the first in the United Kingdom licensed for the environmentally-friendly dismantling of aged ships and oil rigs once their time at sea comes to an end.

It has joined forces with worldwide environmental waste management company Golder Associates to offer a new marine vessel and offshore structure recovery and recycling service.

New jobs are likely to be created in the shipyard when the project gets under way.

It is the latest phase in the `greening` of the once mighty shipyard. It recently completed two major renewable projects, the assembly of an offshore wind farm and manufacture of a wave-energy prototype generator.

Vessel recycling in Europe is a rapidly growing industry which operates within tight environmental and health and safety controls, said the company.

Tough new European regulations on the dismantling of old ships means owners can no longer have them driven onto beaches in the Far East where they are stripped for scrap without any safety or environmental checks.

Instead of being paid for the scrap, owners will have to pay to have a ship dismantled.

Harland and Wolff and Golder Associates say their alliance provides an unparalleled ship recycling capability in the UK.

"The successful alignment of H&W and Golder Associates brings together best environmental practice and world-class facilities to foster environmentally-focused and sustainable recovery and recycling of vessels and offshore structures within the UK," said Martin Bjerregaard of Golder.

Harland and Wolff chief executive, Robert Cooper, added: "We have applied to the Environment and Heritage Service for a waste management licence to allow us to expand our activities into this important area."

He added: "We have the largest dry docks in Europe as well as unparalleled experience in marine design, construction and conversion.

"Golder Associates have a global reputation as leaders in environmental engineering with a track record of successfully completing complex recycling and decommissioning projects under the most stringent environmental parameters."

Mr Bjerregaard said the growing demand for environmentally sound methods of managing end-of-life ships meant Harland and Wolff was positioned to benefit.

"Through this venture, Harland and Wolff and Golder Associates will be contributing to the economic development of the Belfast region through increased employment and income generation.

"We are also able to support the shipping industry with a sound environmental solution to the growing waste management issue of what to do with vessels and offshore structures when they reach the end of their useful life." [Press Association].