Resizing pictures with Ifranview

29th December 2005, 10:42
Picture I want to submit is too large. Any way that I can take it to 800 x 800 ?


Ships Agent
5th June 2006, 10:12
try Using a photoediting package such as adobe photoshop and reduce the resolution this should make the photo smaller (Thumb)

14th June 2006, 15:38
Picture I want to submit is too large. Any way that I can take it to 800 x 800 ?

Hi Fred ...

You could try IRFANVIEW, a superb free image editing package, that does exactly what it says on the tin, without spending loads on facilities you'll probably never use.

It's dead easy to resize images, just fill in the dimension of one side, the prog does the rest.


Doesn't work on a MAC though.



Frank Holleran
14th June 2006, 19:28
Been using IFRANVIEW for a couple of years free editing programme it Fred...its easy to use and saves paying for a programme that you probably wont use for a lot of things...good luck

15th June 2006, 16:30
I highly recommend Irfanview too. This is the method I found best:
Open Irfanview
File: open picture
Image: resize/resample (choose % of size)
File: save as (choose name and file folder)

7th June 2009, 11:52
many thanks andy, downloaded pixresizer and ifranview. will try them hopefully tonight,afer I finish chaseing Ships yet again. Many thanks again for your help, hopefully I can star t to upload photos to S N. after all. best wishes Fred(aka) locomad1.

7th June 2009, 15:20
Hi. have posted the info below before. Ken.

All I do is click once on photo required to highlight it, go over to left if XP and click on e-mail this file, a box opens, bottom of box click on SHOW MORE OPTIONS, leave tick at top "make all smaller" . Tick 800 x 600 then OK. Send the mail to yourself and on downloading it slightly alter name otherwise it will replace your original.