Village Belle TT34

15th June 2006, 22:25
In my mothers kitchen hangs a Scottish Fishermens Organisation calender,for the month of June there is a picture of the Village Belle TT 34. Was she a ring netter? And where are the registration letters from?

Cheers Foggy.

King Ratt
15th June 2006, 22:39
TT is probably Tarbet. On 06 Sep 1988 a scalloper named Village Belle was under tow by FV Saltire having been holed. She sank in the River Dee estuary while being recovered to Kirkcudbright. Was later refloated and made port. No further knowledge of her at this time.

16th June 2006, 21:00
Thanks for your swift response i wondered if TT was for Tarbert Loch Fyne as Tarbet is actually a wee village on Loch Lomond,
Cheers Foggy.

16th June 2006, 21:22
It is indeed Tarbert Loch Fyne and the boat is definitely a ringer, is it a photo of her leaving Girvan in a NW gale with half her keel out of the water

16th June 2006, 22:59
Thanks for that Oak Leaf now i can pass on your information. Not a lot oh, them bonnie boats left,
Cheers Foggy.

20th June 2006, 22:14
if i'm thinking of the right pic, it's village belle III, built in 1949 at st monans. i think the pic appears in one of Freddy Gillies books.

5th September 2006, 00:36
Village Belle IV seen here at Oban, not the one in previous messages but as nice and worth a look at

8th September 2006, 19:43
Village Belle IV seen here at Oban, not the one in previous messages but as nice and worth a look at
Village Belle IV is now under Shetland ownership and at present is fishing out of Lerwick. Seems to have been built by Alex Noble & Sons of Girvan in 1970

7th November 2006, 20:51
Village Belle IV is now back with its original owner,she was returned by Stanley Gray,who was skippering her and had her on Lease from John McCallister.
I think the main reason for Mr.Gray returning her was the fact that,the SSMO(Shetland Shellfish Management Organisation) would not grant him a licence for fishing in Shetland waters,as the boat and licence was not in Mr.Grays name.

Tommy Ralston
18th December 2006, 20:18
Village Belle was built by Noble of Girvan for the Jackson family of Tarbert, Loch Fyne. Willie Jackson "The Count", is still alive and living in Tarbert. If there were better herring fishers, I never heard of them - and I should know!
Tommy Ralston

jay cresswell
8th January 2007, 17:46
Village Belle III was given a massive overhaul in the late 1970s for Paul Gallagher, who later moved to Mull. Paul fitted a fairly big Cat into this Miller-built ringer hull and worked her on the scallops
As noted already on this board, Village Bell IV was built by Alex Noble & Sons of Girvan for the Jacksons (Neil had the Belle) and Willie (the Count) had Village Maid II
Paul Gallagher subsequently sold Viggage Belle III and then bought Village Belle IV. As I recall, John McAllister of Oban bought her off Paul and continues to own th4e vessel, which was purpose built as a ringer/pair trawler. Neil wouldn't have her strapped up for scalloping when built, hating the notion of scraping her up with dredges
The Maid ended her days washing out in Mallaig and was scuttled ... she was especially beautiful.