Margu.... Explorer???

Bob S
19th June 2006, 20:54
Can anyone complete the name?
Seen at Ipswich on the 17th June 2006.

Any help appreciated

19th June 2006, 21:16
Marguerite Explorer ----- Ex Western isle Sailing and Exploration Co.

For sale only 135.000, however may now be sold.

See below link.


Bob S
21st June 2006, 18:58
Thanks Chris, I was going through the alphabet to see what could follow the "U", gave up when I got to "Z" (Thumb)

23rd September 2006, 14:02
The Marguerite was sold (I think early 2005) to someone who was going to run charter trips - I have been trying to find details since but their website has gone and I can't find any traces. Does anybody know?