Forgot Pc Password

24th June 2006, 20:49

I want to log in to my laptop (that I haven't used for a while), and I get notice that my password is to old, and I need to "renew" but I have forgotten my password. Is there any possiblility to access without password??? I only remember my username. The system is Windows 2000

PLEASE HELP ME!! I have a lot of shipsphotos on the laptop


24th June 2006, 21:17
I've sent you a private message, that should help you.


24th June 2006, 21:35

But I think you have misunderstood.

This is when I shall log in to "Windows" 2000 at the beginning of the process
(after I have turned onthe computer). Thats where my problem is

Bruce Carson
24th June 2006, 22:00
Hi Beddy,
If no one turns up an easy solution, you may want to read the following Website.
I have never used Windows 2000, but it looks as if one of the options may do the trick if you want to save those pictures.
The Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (v050303) looks promising.
Screwing around with the Registry is always hairy, so procede with caution.

You may be able to initialize a PARTIAL (or whatever it is called by your computer maker) reinstall if you have your manufacturer's CD. I'm pretty sure that could be done and it would not reformat your drive, thereby saving all your data.

I wish you luck!

Bruce C